Annual Quinte Bass Champs:

Co-Angler Tournament Guidelines

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  • Be polite and courteous, remember you are a guest, and treat your boater partner and his boat and equipment with respect. You may be riding in a $40,000.00+ bass boat or a less expensive home made fishing rig Regardless of the type of boat remember that you are a guest and it is not the boat that catches the fish. Many tournaments have been won out of very basic boats. Most boaters spend a lot of time and money keeping their boats in beautiful condition please don't do anything to compromise this. Remember to clean your shoes off before getting in the boat. No one likes mud gravel, sand, grass and other dirt tracked into the boat.
  • If in doubt about any aspect of your trip including the use of fish attractants, smoking, soft drinks, equipment etc. ask!!
  • Wear appropriate clothing; this includes jackets, hats, rain gear etc. Remember you cannot expect the boater partner to stop fishing to take you back to the ramp because you are uncomfortable. Do not wear construction boots or other inappropriate footwear and remember to bring your own life jacket this is your responsibility.
  • Bring reasonable amounts of tackle as an example 4-6 rods and a tackle bag / box that will fit into an average boat compartment is acceptable along with your clothing and lunch. It is not acceptable to bring large quantities of rods or a tackle bag / box that resembles a duffle bag and weighs a lot. Most boats do not have room for that much equipment. You should plan on being able to put your tackle in a compartment or storage area; large bags that use deck space are not acceptable. Bring what you think you will need, a small assortment of all types of tackle works well.
  • Bring a set of safety pins or some other fish identifying tag, some boats have only one large live well and your fish may get mixed up with your boater partners.
  • Be careful! Don't bounce jigs and lures off the boat or motor, this leaves dents chip marks, scratches etc. Should this happen apologize and check for damage, offer to help fix or pay for the repair.
  • It is up to the discretion of the boater to allow or disallow the use of special equipment such as trolling motors, electronics etc. Ask first!
  • The control of the areas to fish will be at the discretion of the boat owner. He may at his discretion fish an area suggested by the co-angler. If your boater has not discussed fishing areas with you and you want to do something specific mention it as soon as possible, don't wait till the day is almost done. When requesting a move be reasonable as an example if you are at one end of a large body of water and want to fish in the opposite end consider running time, water conditions, time left in the tournament, possibility of catching fish there, amount of fuel burn etc. Again please be specific, it is difficult to fish a generalized area get a map or describe exactly where you want to go.
  • Pay your boater partner right away. It is awkward and embarrassing to have to ask for money. If an accident has occurred that has resulted in damage to the boat or the equipment that was your fault, offer to pay for repair or replacement.
  • Co-anglers will be required to fish from the back of the boat unless they are landing a fish. NEVER go to the front of the boat without your partner knowing you are there, this is a safety issue, and it is very easy for a hook to end up in part of your anatomy by accident if your partner is unaware of your position in the boat. It is important to give each other room in the boat. It is also important to not make any sudden moves in the boat especially if you are a heavier set person. Even a large wide beam bass boat will rock from side to side enough to throw someone off balance.
  • When using the boater's equipment such as nets, anchors, drift bags, ropes, flash lights, weigh scales etc. Put the items back where they belong. If you don't know ask. It is important to keep the boat neat and organized.
  • When you leave for the day gather up all your belongings, help clean things up offer your assistance loading the boat etc. Your boater partner will appreciate the help after a long day.
  • Have a good time and enjoy, be patient, make the best out of situations and personality conflicts.

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