Annual Quinte Bass Champs:

Boater Tournament Guidelines

We Love Our Sport Quinte Bass Anglers - We love our sport.

  • Be polite and courteous, welcome your co-angler on board and show him or her around your boat. Treat your co-angler with respect, many are very experienced anglers and you can learn from them, others are just learning the sport and look up to you, set a good example and encourage them. Some examples of issues to be discussed are: Indicate where equipment can be stowed such as rods, tackle boxes, clothing, lunch etc.
  • Point out and explain any special rules you may have that are specific to you and your boat such as: Do not walk or stand on the seats, Do not use fish formula or other attractants, Do not lean on or pull yourself up on the windshields, Do not eat things that leave a mess in the boat, Do not leave open soft drinks unattended, Smoking and chewing tobacco rules, Do not leave tackle or rods laying around where the may get stepped on etc.
  • Be as helpful as possible don't let your co-angler discover things the hard way it is often easier to ask if they need help than to let them struggle with something and then end up with broken equipment such as latches, compartments, pedestal seats, electronics, trolling motor etc.
  • Discuss with your co-angler a possible fishing "game plan" check to find out if they want to go somewhere specifically, check if they are on to a pattern or have practiced on the waters. Ask if they have any experience in bass boats and if they know how to operate a trolling motor. Discuss the netting of fish; do you want your fish netted? Ask if they want their fish netted etc.
  • Show your co-angler basic safety features of your boat in case of an emergency: show them where ropes fire extinguisher, first aid kit and cell phone etc. are stowed. Show them the kill switch, ignition and where paddles and anchor are stowed. Ask if there are any health problems you should be aware of and visa versa.
  • Have a good time and enjoy don't torture your co-angler make the best of situations and personality conflicts; be patient, many lasting friendships come about after spending a day fishing together.

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