Annual Quinte Bass Champs:

Competition Code of Conduct Guidelines

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All CBAF Competition Code of Conduct Guidelines are based on the premise that we are a federation that places a premium on friendship, camaraderie, community and the environment. While competition is a major part of our federation, our goals are a friendly camaraderie during and after competition hours. We expect top-notch sportsmanship at all times and endeavor to "raise the bar" at each of our events.


Boating Safety:
  • At all times boaters must consider the safety and welfare of all boat occupants as their first and foremost concern.
  • Boaters are responsible for having all mandatory Canadian Coast Guard safety equipment on board and accessible. Boaters are responsible for informing the non-boater of the whereabouts of all safety equipment.
  • Horse play and dangerous boat handling will result in an immediate disqualification and potential suspension from further CBAF tournament fishing privileges.
  • Operation of a boat under the influence of alcohol and/or narcotics will result in an immediate disqualification and potential suspension from further CBAF tournament fishing privileges.
  • All boaters should carry a cellular phone and leave their number with the CBAF Executive. Each boater should also get the emergency contact numbers of the CBAF Executive in the event of an emergency.
Tournament Ethics:

All CBAF boaters are expected to exercise extreme sportsmanship and judgment to determine an appropriate course of action when entering a fishing zone or area already occupied by another boater. Some of these rules are the unwritten rules that competitors have lived by in the past. While most will already know to instinctively follow these rules, in the name of education and guidance, the CBAF is putting forth these guidelines to teach new boaters and remind existing boaters that our events are not cut-throat or anything goes. Our events are intended to be very competitive but fun for all.

  • Cutting off. If a boater is fishing a shoreline/dock line you wish to fish, start at the other end and go towards the boater (offering the right of way when you meet up) or start in behind the other boater and work in the opposite direction. Starting right in front of the other boater and working in the same direction is behavior that is unacceptable. Leave a minimum of 200 yards distance to be safe when working a shoreline/weed line, drift or other type of "line" that is obviously being worked by the other boater(s).
  • Crowding a "spot". Find another area on the "spot" to fish at least 50 yards away from the other boater(s). If the spot is too small to give 50 yards, ask for permission to remain or choose another location.
  • Following/Spot Stealing. Do NOT follow another competitor's boat to a spot without consent.
  • Respect the leaders. If you are not in immediate contention on day 2 of a two- day tournament, give the tournament leading boats some extra space. What goes around will come around back to you when you need the extra space when you are in contention.
Tournament Procedures:
  • Boaters should pay their entry to the tournament committee prior to launching.
  • Boaters are not permitted to blast off or begin fishing prior to their blast off number. Failure to follow protocol will result in a loss of the day's weight.
  • Boaters will be sent in to the dock area by the check-in boat. Going to the dock prior to being called in by the check-in boat will result in a loss of the day's weight. Sick fish are not an excuse to cut the line. If your boat is sinking, inform the tournament director.
  • Boaters should not trailer their boats until after they have weighed in and their fish have been properly released. Failure to follow protocol will result in loss of the day's weight. Tournament committee is an exception to this rule as they will need to come in early to prepare for the weigh-in.


  • Non-boaters should inform their boater of any special health concerns prior to getting on the water. If concerns exist with rough water, non-boaters should withdraw from any event with the possibility of rough water conditions.
  • PFDs. Boaters can not be responsible to have PFDs properly sized for every potential non-boater. Non-boaters should have their own PFD that sized properly to fit them at each event.
  • Rods/Reels/Tackle. Space is very limited in most boats. The best bet is to ask your boater before the event how much you can bring and do not exceed that limit.
  • Licenses. Non-boaters are required to have all necessary licenses for the bodies of water being fished. Non-boaters without a license will be required to refrain from fishing when in any jurisdiction outside of the one that they have a valid license for.
  • Rain Gear. Non-boaters are recommended to bring rain gear to every event regardless of the forecast.

All CBAF non-boaters are expected to exercise extreme sportsmanship and judgment when fishing with any CBAF boater.

  • Non-boaters should not discuss the boater's fishing spots/lures without consent.
  • Non-boaters should not return on their own to their boater's fishing spots without consent. Being a non-boater is about learning techniques, not stealing spots that a boater may have taken many years to find and refine.
Tournament Procedures:
  • Non-boaters should pay their entry and non-boater fee to the tournament committee prior to launching.
  • Non-boaters should make every effort to ride to the event with a boater to share costs.
  • Non-boaters should inform their boater of their ability or inability to back down a truck & trailer. Non-boaters that can back down a truck & trailer should assist any boater that requires assistance with launching and loading to speed up the process.
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